One of the places that we have been to few times and spent four summers at (at least I did), Yellowstone truly is a wonderland. The National Park is the approximately 1/10th of the size of Austria, but as the part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the size is comparable to the one of the…

Getting lost in the Lost City of Petra

Sun was barely getting up on the sky, moments after the sunrise. We decided to start our hike to Petra as early as we can, to get ahead of the crowd. Parked the car near the entrance, paid the hefty ticket price, and we were on our way. Being one of the New 7 Wonders…

What to do in Aqaba? Our experience!

The southeast city in Jordan and its only sea port, Aqaba is one of the most visited places in Jordan. It’s great sandy beaches are one of the reasons for a visit, but is there more to it than just to get a tan?

Driving in Jordan

Imagine driving on a road, that has only two lanes, but there are 4 lanes of cars on it, no one is using turn signals, honking is a regular occurrence, and it’s rush hour. Feeling stressed already? This is just the beginning. When we talked about things to know about Jordan, we mentioned that driving…


Do you want to go to Wadi Rum and you’re not sure what to explore from all the beauties of Jordanian landscapes?